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We offer the best value dolls with a versatile combination of heads and styles of body together with a sophisticated skeleton with superior mechanical structures which operate easily. We operate high standards of service and will always do everything possible to satisfy customers in every respect.

Silicone love dolls are not only used as an adult toy. They can be used much more widely by photographers, models for films and the cinema as well as mannequins that come to life with different poses for shows and events.

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DS (Doll Sweet) is a Japanese-owned company with its factory location in Dalian in China.

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The life-sized simulation doll is a kind of human model with a height similar to that of a real person.

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Soft touch skin

for better user experience, we upgraded with a new true to life new silicone in 2015.

The new skin is soft, feels more like real woman and is not shiny.

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Fantasy and Dream

In the concept of our dolls we provide the perfect woman, comfort and satisfaction exceeding reality

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Amazing details

All our dolls are sculpted on realistic, classic lines.

At each stage, our artists' goal is the ultimate pursuit of perfection

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Free-style combination

We provide different 10 bodies in height and size with 27 different heads giving many possible combinations.

But to us, each doll is the one and the only DS doll.

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Movable Joints

Strong and reliable steel pipe is used for the bones inside.

The metal joints can move freely whilst allowing the doll to be posed like a real person

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movable range of joints and maintenance of silicone

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Shipping to world

In order to serve customers better in the North America and European regions, we are making a big step forward with the fastest shipping service - only 4 days!

Best and Fast Shipping service  No matter where you are

We use a reliable third - party logistics company who take care of all the import problems for customers. You don't need to worry any longer about how to import the doll from China! There is no paper work nor extra fee: the shipping company will help.

For international shipping, we use DHL, UPS, TNT. We can also use shipping appointed by the customer. There is a tracking number so you can follow all the shipping process. Customs charges may be applicable depending upon your country.

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with finger, nails and tight joints

silicone love doll, 145cm body, with "Lilith" doll head, movable joints, B-W-H:73cm-51cm-72cm

sex doll

Doll Sweet

brand new

2 weeks making process

The original price $3170

Discount price  $2853


DS sex doll discount


with finger, nails and soft joints

silicone love doll, 168cm body, with "JiaYi" doll head, movable joints, B-W-H:74cm-54cm-80cm

sex doll

Doll Sweet

brand new

2 weeks making process

The original price $3730

Discount price  $3357


DS sex doll discount


with finger, nails and soft joints

silicone love doll, 158cm body, with "Mandy" doll head, movable joints, B-W-H:87cm-64cm-81cm

sex doll

Doll Sweet

brand new

2 weeks making process

The original price $3730

Discount price  $3357


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